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The back story

The Bryant Family

1977-Heart of Florida Greenhouses first began as a result of Theo and Christina Bryant’s quest for a business in which they could work side-by-side on a daily basis and best utilize their expertise. Theo brought 20 years of experience as a flight engineer in the U.S. Navy, and Christina brought a degree in biology & chemistry.  Together, this gave them a strong foundation for both the mechanical and biological requirements of a nursery operation. Once the plan was set, the search for the ideal property began. A beautiful location was found in rural Hardee County- right in the “Heart of Florida”.  Theo and Chris’ vision for their business was to establish a 25 acre nursery to become a major supplier of quality tropical interior foliage plants to the entire U.S.  The initial customer base targeted was the wholesale and retail florist market, which requires a large variety of premium quality plants. Since then, the customer base has greatly expanded and now also includes Interiorscapers, Garden Centers, and grocery’s Floral Department.​

Theo Bryant
Christina Bryant
Sec/ Treas
Henry Bryant
Head Grower & HR 
Austin Bryant
Deanna Bryant
Sales / Shipping
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