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Trademarked and Patented Products

The 'Bryant Queen' was discovered by Theo Bryant through a series of cold winters.  The parent plant of the 'Bryant Queen' is the Aglaeonema 'Silver Queen' whose longstanding presence has made it one of the oldie goldies of our industry.  However, the 'Silver Queen' is also well know for its ability to contract severe cold damage starting at around 55°. The 'Bryant Queen' has been tested in cold trials proving it can withstand 45° for 12 hours without showing cold damage. This combines the look and texture of the original 'Silver Queen' to the cold tolerances of most hybrid Aglaeonemas of today.


Pothos 'Jade Satin' was discovered by Austin Bryant from its original parent plant the Pothos 'Silver Satin'. This succulent variety of pothos is becoming a mainstay for the Interiorscape industry. Its succulent nature and slow growth habit lends itself to a long tech cycle for the Interiorscape company. The low water requirement and longevity in an installation has made it an Interiorscaper's pothos. It has also been touted by Interiorscape companies to be spider mite and mealy bug resistant​

Heart's Desire 

This trademark can be found on only the most decorated of our plant product. These plants carry unique attributes that we feel set the cultivar apart from other similar varieties. When you find this trademark at the retail level you have found something special.

The 'Amoena Bryant' was developed by Theo Bryant in 2001.  The original Dieffenbachia Amoena was one of the first plants cultivated and sold in the interior foliage market.  Its overwhelming size and height proved difficult to ship.  Theo pressed forward with plans on developing a more compact Dieffienbachia while still holding the coloration and hardiness of the original Amoena variety.​

Pothos 'Jade Satin' 
Dieffenbachia 'Amoena Bryant'
Aglaeonema 'Bryant Queen'
Aloe 'Solar Flare' is a variety that was discovered by Austin Bryant from it's original parent plant Aloe 'humilis dwarf spineless'. It exhibits a bright white rosette center variegation. As the leaves age they will gain chlorophyll with the newest leaves continuing to show a bright colorful center. 
Aloe 'Solar Flare'
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