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Custom Pulling

What you need in plant product specifications can be different than the next shop.  We pull to custom specifications to help fit a customers request or match existing foliage in an account. Communication is key. We will do our best to pull your order just as if you were doing the picking yourself. 

Custom Packaging

We carry a wide variety of plant product. To ensure even the smallest customers can take advantage of this we offer mixed case packaging.  6" plants are packed 12/case and can be split into three groups of four. 4" plants are packed 30/case and can be split into three groups of ten.

Custom Delivery 

Most all traditional foliage LTL companies come into our facility on a weekly basis. Wether your planning a full trailer, Partial LTL, or picking up in person we will go out of our way to accommodate your needs. Aranging and cost comparison of trucking can be a serious obstacle for a small business to figure out. Feel free to call our office and we can give suggestions or help acquire several quotes from different transportation companies on your behalf. (863) 735-1199.  

We are one of the few nurseries in Florida that offer a Foliage FedEx Freight program. This offers a shipping option that can reduce the quantity of material received while still staying competitive with the foliage LTL carriers cube rates. If the amount of material required by the LTL companies is more than what you would like to handle at once this might be the program for you.  Call our office for details on shipping times and rates for delivery to your area.

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