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Hurricane Matthew and the Foliage Industry

A great time to tighten the cable tops and refit the ground anchors. Hurricanes are a the nurseryman's wake up call that maintenance is an ongoing necessary part of doing business. You can't fix everything in the last 7 days before the storms. A decision must me made. "It's coming, lets get to work." With all certainty no structure can withstand the 120-180 mph blast of a category 5 hay maker. Not to mention the interspersed tornadoes tumbling about in the north east quadrant of the eye wall. The Florida nursery industry still has a fresh memory of Andrew, Charley Frances and Jeanne. Even 10 plus years ago is not near long enough to erase those memories. However, for the majority of our industry it was 40-75 mph sustained winds with gusting burst of dievent trouble. Those who were prepared handled the storm in stride. This does not discount the efforts those nurseries up near Seville, Daytona, Palm Coast, Jacksonville North. "Never write off a nursery that has been through a hurricane." Many times with the power off and phones not working. They're looking for any way to communicate with customers to say were alright. The best thing a loyal customer can do for a nursery that has been hit by a storm is to buy plants. Inventory gone is inventory saved. It's also a great moral booster for those picking up the pieces. Our thoughts and prayers are with those picking up the pieces. The Florida Nursery Industy as a whole did very well with Hurricane Matthew considering how close the storm was to major nursery centers of business. For more information on how you might can help contact the FNGLA. A helping hand is always welcome.

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