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Cordyline 'Oldies but Goodies!!'

The last 10 years has seen an unprecedented rise in Cordyline varieties. To be quite frank, there is a kaleidoscope of colors and textures in the Cordyline market. Breeders are offering the color bowl gardeners' dream of endless colors and textures. The newest varieties have clear benefits and often unseen disadvantages. While willing to trial and carry a percentage the the newest varieties, we always keep a ready stock of older varieties that have seen the rise and fall of many others around the market. In the end, customers are looking for plants to provide solid color that endures throughout the summer, regardless of newness or trendy name.

Let me reintroduce this classy lady... Cordyline 'Red Sister'. This plant is by all accounts one of the oldest in the industry, and it still offers unbridled stunning color all summer long. As with any cordyline, proper soil drainage is key. This older variety can stand toe to toe with the newest varieties on the market when considering brightness of color. The lower liner cost allows us to stick extra cuts per pot making a fuller, more robust plant.

Roots are everything when considering the health of a plant. The foliage you see is only half of the plant you are purchasing. Having immaculate roots under the soil is the driving engine that will push your plant though the summer heat. Improper drainage with excessive water leads to root disease. This can be exhibited by tip and margin burn in the mid to upper leaves. This is true with ALL varieties of Cordyline. Starting with clean, disease free roots is important to get a head start on the summer heat.

Cordyline 'Red Sensation'

Over the past 15 years the rise in popularity of the Cordyline Australis variety continues to amaze. With its upright growth and dark robust red color, it has become the backbone centerpiece in so many color bowls . There are many other new varieties that offer pinks, creams, and yellows. We have trialed most all others, and we still find this older variety to be superior in disease resistance in hot, humid environments. Other newer varieties can offer glossy, darker red colors in the foliage, but all the best color breeding falls apart if the plant can not handle the fungus and disease pressure imposed on it during the long, hot/humid days of summer. We want the plant to look and perform just as well in your bowl in late August as the first day of June.' Red Sensation' also has less tendency to give the '45 deg flop' through shipping. becuase of its more ridged trunked base, With its superior upright support and disease resistance this is still the #1 go to for many of our customers.

There are LOTS of breeders constantly pushing the envelope of whats possible with both terminalis and australis cordylines. We can't wait to see what is next and will embrace those new varieties with the same enthusiasm as these industry originals. For our customers sake, we will be extremely critical when trialing any variety. We're always looking the the next great oldie goldie.

For questions or wholesale availability call or email our office.

Happy Spring,

Heart of Florida Greenhouses Inc. (863) 735-1199

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